Awards & Recognitions

*WINNER* Best of Short - Imagen Award

Imagen Foundation (2020)


American Pavilion's "Emerging Filmmaker's Showcase" 

at the Cannes Film Festival

*WINNER* Silver Image Award

Reeling Chicago International Film Festival

*WINNER* Best of Short (Audience Award)

aGLIFF, Austin

*WINNER* Best of Short Drama

Sedona International Film Festival

*WINNER* Best Screenplay

TIDE Film Festival, Brooklyn

*WINNER* Best Short

Festival Mix, Mexico City

*WINNER* Best of Short

QFilms Long Beach

*WINNER* Best Director

QFilms Long Beach

*WINNER* Honorable Mention (Jury Honor)

Shorts Mexico

*WINNER* Best Short 

Highland Park Independent Film Festival

*WINNER* Special Commendation (Jury Award)

Washington DC International Film Festival

*WINNER* 2nd Place (Jury Award)

Out Film Connecticut LGBTQ Film Festival

*WINNER* Best Short 

Changing Face Film Festival


Cannes - Emerging Filmmaker’s Showcase, American Pavilion (2020)

Cannes - France

HBO NY Latino Film Festival (2020)

New York, New York 

HollyShorts Film Festival

Hollywood, California


Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (2020)

Los Angeles, California 

Morelia International Film Festival - FICM (2019)

Morelia - Mexico 

Mallorca International Film Festival (2020)

Mallorca - Spain

Shorts MEXICO (2020)

Mexico City - Mexico

Outfest Film Festival (2020)

Los Angeles, California 

Girona Festival de Cinema (2020)

Girona - Spain

Image+Nation (2020)

Montreal - Canada

aGLIFF Film Festival

Austin, Texas

Boston International Latino Film Festival (2020)

Boston, Massachusettes

Washington DC International Film Festival (2020)

Washington, D.C.

San Diego Latino International Film Festival (2020)

San Diego, California

Chicago Reeling Film Festival (2020)

Chicago, Illinois 

Outfest Peru (2020)

Lima - Peru

Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival- Barcelona (2020)

Barcelona - Spain 

Festival Mix, Mexico (2020)

Mexico City, Mexico 

Highland Park International Film Festival (2020)

Highland Park, California 

Inside Out (2020)

Toronto - Canada

QFilms Long Beach  (2020)

Long Beach, California

MicGenero (2020)

Mexico City - Mexico

New Filmmaker's LA (2020)

Los Angeles, California

Out On Film (2020)

Atlanta, Georgia

Outfest Fusion (2020)

Los Angeles, California 

Seattle Latino Film Festival (2020)

Seattle, Washington 

BEND Film Fest (2020)

Bend, Oregon 

Official Latino Film Festival (2020)

Palm Desert, California

Image Out LGBT Film Festival (2020)

Rochester, New York

Sedona International Film Festival

Sedona, Arizona

TIDE Film Festival

Brooklyn, New York

Way Out West Film Festival

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Native Crossroads (2020)

Norman, Oklahoma

Noche De Pelicula (2020)

Portland, Oregon

Changing Face Film Festival (2020)

Sydney - Australia

Houston Latino Film Festival (2020)

Houston, Texas